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As President of Med-X International, a medical supply company, I have direct access to the best value of many medical and beauty aid products.

I was introduced to TLC skin care products by a friend of mine. I tried it myself and the rest is history. The creams not only smoothed and softened my face, it amazingly helped my elbows, which have been dry and rough for as long as I can remember. Many dermatologists have given me various ointments and creams to no avail. This product succeeded where other failed.

TLC biogold cream is not only a marvelously nourishing skin cream, it is a product my company plans to endorse, market and sell.

Diane L. Honigman, President Med-X International

I have used many different kinds of skin products, but nothing can compare to Orient Mystique (Note: a private label name). Orient Mystique peral & silk peptide cream has whitened my skin and has also made my skin tone so much better. it also prevents sun burn, which is so important because I live in Florida. I use this cream very morning and it makes my skin so nice and soft.

At night, I use Simengdi, Pearl Nourishing King. It contains animoacids, protein, micro elements and vitamins. What I really love about this cream is that it removes wrinkles! Isn't that what we all want? It has made my skin so smooth. I don't ever want to be without these products!!

Ms. Jean Dewis. Tampa, FL

On my first trip to China, I was introduced to Pearl Cream. I rubbed it on the back of my hand and was amazed at the immediate softness-not greasy at all, just a wonderful smooth feel. I bought several jars of both types and brought them back to the States.

The results didn't stop there. With continued use, my face, hands and arms just got better and better. The pearl cream also has properties that evens skin tone & fades age spots. When I shared my "find" with my friends, everyone wanted their own jars. Each time I return to China now, I have a list of everyone that can't wait for me to bring them Orient Mystique. I won't ever be without again. It's wonderful...

Dee. Tour Leader.

SIMENGDI™ is a Trademark of HolisticTLC Corp. Florida.USA