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Why Silk in Cream?

In a warm autumn afternoon in 2,640BC, Princess Xi Lingsi rose from her nap under a mulberry tree, to find in her pottery teacup, a loose bundle of white threads. A cocoon had fallen into her tea, there introducing the everlasting material, Silk. On average one cocoon has a thread that is 4,500 ft. long.

However, silk was never abundant for any use other than fine garment material until approximately 1,000 years ago, when Court beauticians began to experiment using silk as a beauty care product for the women in the court. Thereafter, many secret silk cream formulas were passed down generation after generation in a few families. The one formula passed down by the family of Yang Guifei, the most favored and spoiled Tang Dynasty concubine, represents the best of all the formulas, which is the base for today's Orient Mystique.

In the 1950s, Nobel laureate Linus Pauling deduced the basic structure of silkworm silk. Within the crystalline structure in silk there is a regular protein-folding pattern, induced by amino acids. In scientific terms, the amino acids in silk forms the silk peptide that heals skin injuries by healing chapped skin while reduces skin wrinkles and protects the skin from today's damaging environment.

Silk also contains its own array of amino acids, that help enrich human body and skin: Aspartic acid Asp, Threonine Thr, Serine Ser, Glutamic Acid Glu, Glycine Gly, Alanine Ala, Cysteine Cys, Valine Cys, Methionine Met, Tyrosine Tyr, Leucine Leu.

Silk peptide is also good for sunburn, windburn, and even minor household burns as it soothes and relieves redness and pain.. It's wonderful for softening facial lines, replenishing lost moisture and preserving skin elasticity.

No matter what your age or what your skin looks like, you will experience a difference that you may never have noticed before after just a few days. Your skin will begin to feel younger, more radiant, soft and smooth.......

Once you begin using Pearl & Silk Cream, you will find you have no need for most of the other skin care products covering your counter. Watch for the difference!

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