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Why Pearl in Cream

China's forefather in Medicine, Doctor Li Shizhen, who lived in Ming Dynasty (About 600 years ago) wrote in his Classical Chinese Materia Medica these directions for pearl cream use:

Spread on face, lubricate skin and give good complexion. Spread on hands and feet, smooth skin and relieve chaps. Remove face acnes....." Once applied, besides being absorbed by the under layers of the skin improving metabolism which reduces the fat content in the tissue, it externally forms a thin protective film to avoid contact with air and to reserve a suitable quantity of moisture for the skin, protecting it from elements that would make skin feel chapped and dry. Pearl Contains These Known Amino Acids:

Aspartic acid, Threonine, Serine, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Alanine, Cysteine, Valine, Methionine.

Pearl powder contains 9 kinds of protein amino acids and other microelements. It also contains nonprotein acid---taurine, which aids in inflammation and relieves vision and skin fatigue.

Amino acids are organic molecules that form the basic constituents of protein. Proteins are broken down by a process called hydrolyzation and absorbed into the bloodstream if taken orally or if applied to the skin.

The human body cannot make all of the amino acids needed for balanced health, and the human body cannot survive with a deficiency of any one of the key acids. Studies have shown that a shortage of branched chained amino acids, coupled with increased physical demands on the body or skin, can lead to a cannibalization of skin and muscle tissue to respond to the body's need for nitrogen. Visually it makes the skin look coarse, dried, wrinkled and old.

Each individual amino acid has a specific function in the body. These functions include among others in; assisting the transport of long chain triglycerides, or dietary fat, into the cells for energy, stimulating the pituitary to secrete growth hormone, which is involved in developing lean muscle tissue as well as mobilizing fatty acids from the adipose tissue (i.e., dropping body fat); supplying the body with nitrogen; and much much more.

This is why once you begin to use a good pearl cream, you will immediately experience the difference from other chemical products in today's popular beauty care market.

Pearls can be taken orally in hydrolyzed liquid or powder form or can be applied to the face and body through the transdermal system; which was what Pearl Cream was initially formulated for.
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